How To's...

Draw a straght line


Put a Shape (Circle / Rectangle etc.) around Something

Method #1


• Choose a foreground color
• Select area with Select Tool (ellipse, rectangle etc.)
Select > Border
• Choose Bucket Fill tool
• Apply to Selection Area

Method #2:

• Open Selection Editor with Select > Selection Editor
• Choose a foreground color
• Select area with Select Tool (ellipse, rectangle etc.)
• Click last icon at the bottom of the Selection Editor to paint along the selection outline


Crop an Image into a Circle

• Add Alpha Channel to image
• Ellipse Select Tool
◇ Mode: Replace current selection
◇ Checked: Antialising, Feather edges, Expand from Center
◇ Fixed Aspect Ratio = 1:1
• Zoom Tool
◇ ctrl-click
• Alignment Tool
◇ Select layer
◇ Align - Relative to Selection, Center to target
Select > Invert (ctrl-i)
• Hit the Delete Key
• Select > None (ctrl-shift-a)
Image > Crop to Content
• File > Export as png


Scale Image with Minimal Quality Loss

• To scale up / down the entire composition, choose Image > Scale Image


• Scale tool scales an active layer, path or selection
• Set resolution to 72 for digtial display and 300 for printing
• Ensure the chain icon is locked in order to keep the aspect ratio
• Scale the image size by percentage (%)
Interpolation Methods (from worst to best): none, linear, cubic, nohalo, lowhalo
• Use NoHalo when:
◇ Scaling down < 50%
◇ Image has no pixel art or text
◇ Preserving skin tones
• Use LoHalo when:
◇ Scaling down > 50%
◇ Image has pizel art or text
◇ Image has noise / artifacts
• Optionally, you can sharpen the image (Filter > Enhance > Sharpen) after scaling the image


Remove Anything from an Image


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