Image Properties

• You can view the following properties of an image by Image > Image Properties
Size in pixels
Print size
Resolution in PPI



Image Size (px)

• You can view the image size (in pixels) from the title bar e.g. 1920 x 1080 etc.


Image Resolution (ppi)

• You can set PPI when you create a file (File > New) or use Image > Scale Image


• In terms of displaying image on screen or displaying it for web, there is no difference between using 72 ppi or 30 ppi
Set resolution to 72 ppi for digital display
Set resolution to 300 for printing


Print vs. Digital

• The difference in ppi lies in the printing size. The larger the ppi, the larger the size can be printed



• Anytime you enlarge or shrink an image, GIMP will fill in the missing pixels or just change the structure of the pixels via a method called interpolation
• As no new details is added in the interpolation process, there will be quality loss when it comes to scaling an image