GIMP Tools Overview

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• Found under “Tool Options” (area 2)
• Modes are available for Selection Tools
• You can use combinations of 2, 3, 4 listed below to create custom shape

1. Replace current selection(Default) Draw only one shape at a time
2. Add to current selectionCombine shapes to form a different shape
3. Subtract to current selection
4. Intersect with current selectionOnly shape inside current selection remain


Shortcut Keys

ctrl-shift-aSelect none
EnterFinish outlining


Tool Options

Tool OptionsNotes
AntialiasingSmooth the edges
Feather EdgesMake edges blurry (partial transparent) Work only if you check this option BEFORE using the Selection Tool (you can tell by using Quick Mask) If you want to apply Feather Edge AFTER selection is made, use Select > Feather
Rounded corners
Expand from centerDifferent way to draw rectangle
Fixed Aspect ratio / Width / Height / SizeAspect ratio=1:1, enable you to draw a square
Position1st box: off the left; 2nd box: off the top
HighlightIf this option is checked, it will highlight the selection area Area outside the contour line will be dimmed Can adjust the Highlight Opacity when this option is checked Will not work when Inverted Selection is made
GuidesGuides like center lines are used for centering and alignment Rule of thirds / Fifths / Golden section - for Photography
Auto ShrinkShrink the Guides within another rectangle object
Threshold(Fuzzy select tool) Maximum tolerance for color difference



Available Tools

Tool CategoryTool Names
Selection ToolsRectangle Selection, Ellipse Selection, Free Selection (Lasso), Fuzzy Selection (Magic wand), Select by Color, Interlligent Scissors, Foreground Select
Paint ToolsBrush Tools (Pencil, Paintbrush, Airbrush), Bucket Fill, Blend, Pencil, Paintbrush, Eraser, Airbrush, Ink, Clone, Heal, Perspective Clone, Blur/Sharpen, Smudge, Dodge/Burn
Transform ToolsAlign, Move, Crop, Rotate, Scale, Shear, Perspective, Flip, the Cage tool
OtherPaths, Color Picker, Zoom, Measure, Text, GEGL Operation

Selection Tools
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Transform Tools
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