Selection Tools

Rectangle Select Tool


• Usage:
◇ Isolates object in the composition so that you can edit the object in the selection area
◇ Fill in the area with something like color (bucket tool) or pattern


Ellipse Select Tool


• Set aspect ratio=1:1 to draw a circle


Free Select Tool (Lasso Tool)


• Free hand drawing of shape
• You can also use this tool to draw outline of a shape in a photo
◇ Click to create a node... Move the mouse to draw straight line... Click to create another node...
◇ Hit the Enter key when you're finished outlining


Fuzzy Select Tool


• Select a contiguous region on the basis of color
• Click the color you want, it will select the same color and is also touching
Select by Color Tool 36:31


Intelligent Scissors Tool


• Not very effective on “busy” background
• Used to cut curved object from image
• Click on edges of a curved object to create nodes, the tool will try to cut along the edges between the nodes
• Hit the Enter key when finished. The tool will create an selection area
• Copy and Paste to another image


Foreground Select Tool


• Effective when you have high contrast in foreground or background
1) Loosely draw around the object. This will turn the background to blue
2) Paint the object to extract
3) Hit the Enter key
4) Copy and Paste the extract to another image