tmux - Terminal Multiplexer

Why use tmux?

• Keep the session opened on server even after client shut down
• Share a shell session


Start tmux

ssh ubuntu@
sudo apt install tmux
tmux                    # start tmux server


Window Commands

ctrl-b c                # create new windows
ctrl-b &                # kill the current window

ctrl-b ,                # rename window

ctrl-b ?                # list all key bindings

Ctrl-b q                # show pane numbers 
                        # (used to switch between panes)
Ctrl-b o                # switch to the next pane


Moving Between Windows

Ctrl-b n                # move to the next window
Ctrl-b p                # move to the previous window

Ctrl-b l                # move to the previously selected window
Ctrl-b w                # list all windows / window numbers
Ctrl-b window number    # move to the specified window number
                        # the default bindings are from 0 -- 9


Tiling Commands

ctrl-b %                # split vertically
ctrl-b "                # split horizontally

ctrl-b o                # goto next pane

ctrl-b q                # show pane numbers, when the numbers show up
                        # type the key to go to that pane) 

ctrl-b {                # move the current pane left
ctrl-b }                # move the current pane right


Make a pane its own window

ctrl-b : "break-pane"


Sessions Management Commands

• Allows multiple windows opened in a single ssh session

tmux ls                     # list opened sessions
# or
tmux list-sessions

tmux new -s backupsession   # create new session
ctrl-b d                    # detach from a session - back to the shell
ps aux | grep htop          # session still running

# logout from ssh session

• Session remains opened after you log out from ssh session

ssh ubuntu@
tmux list-sessions                  # list opened sessions
tmux attach -t backupsession        # attach to session
tmux kill-session -t backupsession  # kill a session


Sharing Sessions

• Need to ssh login a common server with the same username

# First user
ssh ubuntu@
tmux new-session -s this_is_shared

# Second user
ssh ubuntu@
tmux list-sessions
tmux attach -t this_is_shared

• We're now sharing the same session between 2 different people from 2 different ssh sessions
• Commands typed in this_is_shared are visible by 2 different people


Advanced Usage

Sharing Linux Terminal Sessions With Tmux and Screen
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