Web Design

• This design is useful for front-end web designers or graphic designers who want to design a website, home page, or landing page

Bootstrap Template

• Layout using Twitter Bootstrap guidelines (Download)
• 12-column grid with guides dividing different sections
• Size 1400 X 2500
• To accomodate different screen sizes, keep all design elements within the grid on the sides i.e. 100 px from left and right


• Hero
◇ Duplicate Hero image layer
• Footer

• Set foreground and background color with Gradient Tool
• Create radio gradient on the background layer
• Open images, copy and paste images to respective sections
• The images should snap to the guides when you move them. If not, check the box in View > Snap to Guides
• Use Scale Tool to fit the image within composition
◇ To keep the aspect ratio, either click the lock icon or hold shift key while adjusting the image size