Useful Features on GIMP



Unified Transform Tool

• All-in-one transform tool, available from 2.10


Transform Lock

• Transform multiple layers simultaneously
• NOT a lock but a group indicator


Perform Multiple Functions with the Bucket Fill Tool

• Default of Bucket Fill Tool - “Fill similar colors”
• After draw a rectangle with one color, you can quickly fill up the background with another color
• “Sample merge” function on the base layer: combine layers of different shapes (see video source)
• Fill up one color on another like black on red on shape objects, increase “Threshold” under Tool Options so that the old color can be fully covered


Paint Colors Back in your Image with the Unerase Modifier

• This feature will not work if you don't have an alpha (transparency) channel on your image (Right click image on Layer Box > Add Alpha Channel)
• Don't need to undo everything
• Hold the ALT key and use Eraser tool to “unerase”


The Clone Tool

• Similar to History Brush in Photoshop
• Set alignment to registered