• Slicers work with Pivot Tables (from Excel 2010 onwards) and Excel Tables (from Excel 2013 onwards)
• Slicers allow you to quickly filter table or pivot table with just a click of a button
• Further drill down data by selecting multiple buttons


Sample Workbook

• Refer to file “slicers_yt_dl_file.xlsx” for step-by-step instructions
• Source:


Using Slicers

• To use Slicers with a table (from Excel 2013 onwards), you have to format the table as Excel Table
• Insert Slicers
1) Insert Table formatting with Ctrl-T
2) Apply Slicers to a table
Table Tools > Design > Insert Slicers
• Delete Slicers
◇ Select the Slicers and press the DELETE key
• In Excel 2016, you can turn multi select on and off (for touch screen use)
• Disable resizing and moving
Right click on Slicer > Slicer Properties > Position & Layout > Disable resizing and moving
• Control which table Slicer is connecting to
Right click on Slicer > Report Connections > select tables you want


Slicers containing Year and Month
Slicers for Rolling Periods
Slicers for Fiscal Years